The most universal media content logging solution you will find.

What is RealityLog?

RealityLog is having complete control over all recorded media in your production.
RealityLog is having the ability to find that extraordinary scene that you just know is in there somewhere in the hundreds or thousands of hours of recorded material.
RealityLog is a logging software that enables you to classify, categorize, bind together, and log every scene in your material. And when the logging is done, you can export that information in a number of ways for the next step in your production chain. And every timecode you marked in a scene you have made can show up as a marker in your editing suite. And yes, it's still searchable!
Media content applications often define logging as the possibility to write a title and some text. That's not logging! Logging is when you later can filter the scenes down to which camera was used, weather, participants in the scene, who they were talking about, and if that scene is suitable for an edit about penguins winter behavior!

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